some of the biggest educational content providers in Israel, develop content in their own studios. The popular protocol in Israel is SCORM/xAPI. we wish to build a bridge between their content players to Campus platform, that will enable courses to be delivered and displayed (in a seamless way for the teacher) in the Campus platform, while passing all the grades to the open edX LMS


I believe the folks at Appsembler have a SCORM solution, but I don’t know if supports all features.


Take a look at our SCORM XBlock:
And accompanying blog post:

The SCORM XBlock depends on a commercial player, called the SSLA player. Happy to answer any questions if folks are interested in trying it out.


@Natea Thanks!

@yoavca I think you mentioned that the implementation was too specific for your use-case, right? Can you provide more details as to what would is missing in @Natea 's implementation for you to be able to use it?


Thanks @Natea and @antoviaque!
one of our vendors in Israel, CET, tested this XBlock and indeed figured that is was made to a specific. I can invite CET’s CTO to edXchange and have him answer this here.

In addition @Natea - Do you have any plans on making a modular SCORM/xAPI XBlock that will be easy to adapt to any player? Is this even a reasonable request or every player needs to be tailored specifically? I do believe that integrating external content into the open edX platform (in a way that will enable easy reporting back of data to the LMS) can be a powerful feature in the roadmap (In Israel for example, some of our vendors prefer to use their own studios, and only use CampusIL as the LMS)


hi Yoav,

here is it: scorm 1.2 & 2004 supported, grading is passed from scroms to edx.

see for more details :slight_smile:



@yoavca Thanks!


Have you tested/looked at the XBlock that @Natea is referring to above? I believe it is based on the Raccoon Gang SCORM XBlock, but has benefited from additional developments:

If neither this XBlock or the one you linked to fulfill your needs, could you list the things that they are missing for you to be able to use them?

@Natea Btw, I would also be curious about the question that @yoavca asked above:


Have you tested/looked at the XBlock that @Natea is referring to above? I believe it is based on the Raccoon Gang SCORM XBlock, but has benefited from additional developments

frankly speaking, we couldn’t make Appsembler’s SCROM to run (but i must say we didn’t spend much time trying) so we just used ours for further development.


@yoavca @cotoha @Natea our branch of the xblock is based in part on Raccoon Gangs but does rely at the moment on JCA Solutions’ SSLA player. Their player handles the SCORM API JS and puts the whole SCORM state together in a JSON object to store and retrieve with a URL to Open edX. The Xblock handles the storage of the SCORM package and configuration of the player.

Raccoon Gangs implementation was not very complete but did attempt a more granular handling of SCORM JS API events. At this time we dont have plans to support oither players but an eventual complete open source solution would be desirable.


@cotoha @bryanlandia Thanks for the precisions, that’s useful to have in mind.