Rounding up grades - some students pass, while they should not

Hi all

When getting badges and determining success it seems that % grades are rounded so that instead of validating a course with the 50% success, students get their badge/certificate from 49.51%.

In my experience, when you are required to have 10/20 to pass an exam, you cannot do it when you have 9.6/20.

Now 0.49% does not seems so much, but with thousands of students and grades following a bell-shape distribution, we see it quite a lot.

Our dasboard processing from the grade report show some student failed, while them looking up their progress on OpenEdX tell them they passed…

=> is it possible to truncate grades instead of rounding ?

I think this is a bug that was fixed. Are you running Ginkgo?

hi Peter !

I think we haveGinko (or rather this is what our tech told us when we asked) !

NOW I have access to studio but I’m not the tech who does serveur config and I did not find how to know precisely what version of OpenedX is running => Usually there is a menu somewhere, but I did not find it

Is there a way for me to check the version?