Quick Course Feedback for Instructors

If the feedback can be highly structured, consider using the Poll and Survey advanced tools in edX. These must be enabled in Advanced Settings.

If you want reactions to a prompt or provocation rather than answers to a question, consider using a Word Cloud.

If it is ok for students to give public feedback, use the edX discussion forum. Create a specific thread for this purpose, and link students directly to that thread from appropriate places within the course.

If the feedback should remain private, create a Google Form with targeted questions and embed it in the course via iframe.

  • Caveat: You will receive some form submissions that would be better directed to the forums. You will not be able to respond to these students unless you ask for their e-mail address in the form.
  • You can get the code by hitting the “Send” button in Google Forms.

Credit: @Colin_Fredericks

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