Peer Instruction

Adaptation of the Peer Instruction learning method from Eric Mazur to an online environment.

  • HarvardX’s Use: Developed it as a LTI component, used in multiple courses for questions with ambiguous answers (eg. Justice).
  • John Abbott College & Dawson College reused it for their own courses, on their Open edX instance.
  • UBC has been developing another implementation, as a native XBlock.

This sounds cool! Can you tell me more about how it works? How is this different than peer assessment problem type?

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It implements the peer instruction methodology - you can find some details about it at

Basically, it differs from the peer assessment by allowing students to review their own initial answer, based on rationales other students would have had to explain why they chose a different answer. It goes like this:

  • You get asked a question (MCQ), chose an answer, and write a rationale for choosing this answer
  • Upon submitting, you are shown rationales from students who have chosen different answers
  • You get asked to either keep your current answer, or change it to another if a rationale from another student convinced you

You can see an example in the Justice course, at

Step 1 - Initial question

Step 2 - Reviewing other rationales

Step 3 - Confirming choice

And some additional documentation about the authoring on the dalite code repository:

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@antoviaque do you know we in UBC can share some status 'bout the dev of their XBlock?
I think it’s definitely something we will we use in CampusIL

@yoavca I’ve chatted with them about it at the Open edX conference, and I know they are still actively developing it. I’ll reach out to them to see if they would be willing to come comment about it.

It’s already in place and usable though:

Edit: Also moving this to “What do we have?”, since the tools already exist. If some specific features are missing, we can create a new thread for them in “What do we need?”

@yoavca Thanks for your interests in UBCPI. We are actively working on the PI XBlock. We just finished the i18n support and got French and Spanish translations. We also planned out some of the features that we would like to implement for the next version. You can see everything here: If you filter by milestone 1.0, which will be the next version, you can see the features we planned. Please feel free to let me know if you have any question or post feature request to our github repo.

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Thanks @compass, and welcome to edXchange!
We will definitely look on this XBlock further down Campus’s road.

If you have additional features you’re working on @ UBC, we’d be thrilled if you can share on the platform!
also - plz add the UBC tag to features you’re also interested in

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