On boarding toturial

walk.me style toturial on the platform (interactive video)

what exactly do you want to cover with it?

doesn’t “demo edx” course help?

btw, i tend to suggest all students to take the first course and staffs to take all these courses:

Thx @cotoha.

My thoughts were different on this one. I think that in this case demoX takestoo long to achieve the goal.
take a look at https://www.walkme.com/ for example.
I’m talking about an interactive toturial that will happen on top of the LMS itself (when the user logs in for the first time).

We’ve met walk.me and their solution looks great, although I’m sure there are many other solutions which can achieve this.

ah. right. there are plenty of JS libraries to support this type of walk-through demo’s.

the only thing is that they can easily become outdated unless they are a part of a development pipeline. This was discussed on the edX Partners Call.

there were proposals from IBL Studio to shoot real videos and from RG to come up with interactive software simulations like this https://sukhari.raccoongang.com/studio/story_html5.html. But both requires some effort form core edx team as i’ve mentioned - to keep such tutorials in sync with the features.


@cotoha totally agree.

cc @miguel @WeissA

Hey, @cotoha and @yoavca !

And yes, we thought that it’d be great for edX to have video tutorials of its features like Canvas and other LMS’s have.

We’d like edX’s people to be the ones on camera teaching the topics — the idea would be to have in-person interspersed with screensharing to make the experience more fun to watch.

Keeping the videos updated with the code is a real issue, but since the plan would be to produce these in real-time and avoid the costly post-production process, we’re hoping that when something in the platform changes, the edX team would be able to return to the studio and quickly reshoot that part.

Just to be clear, this is an example of a video we’d have in mind (but with screensharing, obviously):

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thanks for sharing @miguel,
Personally, I think that interactive tutorials can be more engaging and effective + will be cheaper to redo once there was a UI change.

That would be the case if this feature was contributed to the platform, as it could include tests to ensure it doesn’t break. It would need to be reviewed on the product side, but I’m guessing this is something the users of edx.org would also benefit from.

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Platform updates are a huge issue to either approach, like people have mentioned.

We put together a pretty low-budget couple of videos covering the basics of navigation etc. (will check if I can share), but they’re already super out of date, and we’re struggling to find an alternative, especially some of the language we use is rather specific to our use-case (for example, as the UK is weird we talk about Modules instead of Courses). This is likely to be a problem for any video solution. It’s a lot easier to say “we’ll just make the video in a way that we can just update it if things change”, but then a fundamental shift happens like the sidebar disappearing suddenly and everything goes out the window… there’s also the different audiences that might prove a challenge for the open edX community - what’s engaging for an edX audience doesn’t necessarily translate well to an overseas educator or corporate training. (We just don’t like listening to Americans I guess! :slight_smile:)

Interactive tutorials are alright, but can get in the way and really annoying if not implemented properly, and would have to be really carefully done to avoid accessibility issues.

I wish i had a more productive solution for this, but it’s one I’ve been struggling with too… there doesn’t seem to be one that fits everyone

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