Moving from single course to multiple courses : dasboard & certification

Moving from single-course logic to multiple course to issue a certificate spanning several courses or, in the shorter term to have a dasboard spanning several courses.

We are working on several solutions :

  1. crude : consolidating grade reports with an external app
  2. average : taking learners grades info directly from the database and making our own csv
  3. good : adding a global grade report to OpenedX (and subsequentely a global certificate generation).
  • 3/ would be the best but it does not exist yet, a lot of work is probably necessary for developping this feature
  • Is 2/ possible as a fix? Another way to go?


We have now a lot of modules in our MOOC (20), and the one big course we used in our first session is complicated (classic + advanced track + keep 2 best among 15 modules, 1000 quiz questions) and slow (grade report takes 8 hours to run with 10.000 enrolled / 2.000 active students).

So we are thinking about splitting the course

  1. classic track
  2. advanced track
  3. “choose 2 over 15” modules track

we already have 2 courses with only proctored exams running. Now in that config, we have to generate certificates separately.