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Learning components tagging


if every component in a course can be tagged as related to a specific subject in course desried learned knowledge/skill set, then the course team will be able to get insights on topics that the learners strugle with. example: in a calculus course, the teacher will look at his teacher insights, and will understand that most of the class got the hang of derivitives, but have problems with integrals.


edX intends to work on this in 2017. See https://openedx.atlassian.net/wiki/display/OPEN/Content+Taxonomies

They are interested in input.


great, thank @pdpinch.
I’ll remember this when we’ll do our own discovery of this feature

CC @antoviaque (who I see already commented on the orig doc)


Yes - we actually also originally looked into this as part of our work on the content libraries (to allow to select content from a library based on its tags/categories).

FUN is also interested in this, and has been discussing this with @Marcoatedx I believe - I’ll ping FUN about this thread.