In video quizes

the video will pause in specific points and a question will verify understanding

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I’m in support! How do I register that - flag or bookmark? I was looking for a thumbs up option.

Update: I figured it out. The vote button is on the top left.

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@yoavca @mgoudz Does the XBlock @giuliog linked to addresses your use case? If so, I’ll move this thread to “What do we have?” - if not, it would be useful to list what is missing.

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Thanks @giuliog!!!
From the gitub description it looks like exactly we we need and even more! :slight_smile:
@giuliog Do you have any video of the XBlock in use so we can see if it answer all of our needs?
@antoviaque - I think that if this is indeed a feature thats answers all our needs it definitely be moved to “What do we have”

CC @mgoudz

@yoavca Thanks for the confirmation! I have thus moved this to “What do we have”.

@mgoudz Good for you too? If you need me to put this on a sandbox somewhere to allow you to test it to confirm, let me know.

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I’d love a sandbox to test!

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@shellyu Here you go - I have added the XBlock to this instance, and configured a MCQ to appear at second 5 of the video in this unit:

You can create an account, or use one of the standard edX ones: (if you login with the demo admin account, you will need to switch to the student view to see it).

The unit in Studio is at


Thank you, @antoviaque!


I was trying to install In video quiz XBlock, the installation was successful but the in my course the quiz doesn’t load is there any reason for the same?

Any help would be grateful.


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@ayernitin Sorry to hear about the issues you’re having with it. This is the wrong place to post them though, to report bugs or get help about the in video quiz, you might want to ask on the XBlock’s repository, maybe in its bugs section?

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Thanks, I have posted on the issue tracker section of the XBlock repository,
If anyone knows about the same issue, please let me know.

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We found out that using the platform H5P is a great way to embed in-video quizzes into Open edX.

Here is a screenshot:

If you’re interested in trying this out, we recently published instructions on how to embed H5P objects into Open edX using LTI. You can find an example in the following test course that we created (please enroll in the course to see the exercises). You can also set up a trial instance of your own to test the feature :slight_smile:

We’re also discussing this in a topic on the Open edX discussion board. Feel free to chime in, either here or there. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions!

@yoavca @shelly @giuliog @mgoudz I have created a corresponding thread for this on the official forums:

Would you be ok with posting your next future replies in the new thread?

See Moving to the official Open edX forum? for details or feedback.