Improving or developing Content Catalog

Hi -
So first, I am glad to be here… @yoavca, @anna and @Nimisha_Asthagiri mentioned this community a lot.
During the last year we’ve developed xBlock for Campus IL to improve the way content and adaptive learning is hosted in EdX.
Our next development will be around content catalog - and we thought that it will be great to build on top of existing solutions (instead of invent the wheel ourselves).
We’ve shared these ideas with @Nimisha_Asthagiri @yoavca and @anna - and we need to understand better the requirements, what do you already have (Block Store?) and how to take it to the next step… (machine learning that automatically tag content based on the user xAPI and the content itself…)

We can share more of our thoughts and roadmap, but it would be great to know if there is any existing solutions (@antoviaque ) and whats the roadmap?

Let us know :),
Roi Shillo.

Welcome to edxchange @rois! Has been great working with ILCET on your adaptive learning XBlock, and we look forward to further collaboration :smile:

There is a feature currently supported in Open edX called the Content Libraries, where individual blocks of content can be stored for re-use across courses. It has some significant limitations, most notably: only a limited set of unit types are supported, there’s no tagging, and there’s no external interface to access these blocks outside of the platform, so they’re not usable for Adaptive Learning engines as-is. They’re currently only used for randomized content blocks

One of the first use cases for Blockstore is to replace the backend for the Content Library feature to improve their re-usability, allow tagging and an external API. And unfortunately, since major rework of the Content Library feature would be throw-away work once Blockstore comes into use, improvements to the existing code is unlikely to be accepted on the roadmap.

Currently, most people that use Open edX content blocks for Adaptive Learning engines create a course to store their content in, and expose individual blocks to the Adaptive Learning engine via LTI. Andrew Ang from Harvard presented at the Open edX Conference 2018 about their approach to using Open edX for adaptive learning.

And you can find out more about Content Libraries here:

Hi Jill,

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

We know the work that Andrew and his team done - they did great and I hope that we will have a catalog and content library that support not only the adaptive engines but also the content catalog for multiple courses.

What about the Blockstore? do you know whats it’s status and who is working on it?

It would be great to have a meeting around the blockstore architecture -
can we set a meeting for next week?

Roi Shillo