Funding open source


What about using something like OpenCollective to get these features funded?


@Natea That could be something interesting to try yep. It seem more focused on being a Patreon alternative though, rather than funding specific projects, right?


That’s an interesting idea, but I’m not sure how well it would fit with having corporations or other organizations help with funding. I have no idea how I’d set it up so that Cloudera could contribute to project there, other than maybe making the contribution personally and then expensing it, and I imagine it would be even harder for people from universities or other places with more bureaucracy.


@Rowan Yup, with this donation model, I would also expect it would fit more individuals contributing to a project they like, a bit like for Patreon, which it seem to be inspired from.

For companies/institution, the financial contribution would probably need to have a clearer scope - ie be a specific service of development that the company or institution pays for? Ie, be closer to a coproduction model for a given scope, rather than an open-ended donation without a specific return.