File upload instead of using rubric

The feature to upload a file at the peer-review stage in addition to the rubric, or as an alternative to using the rubric.

@antoinebilgin That could certainly make the peer review process easier for the reviewer to provide more thorough feedback text. But how would the scoring work? I think it would be difficult to extract peer grades from an uploaded document.

Good point once again :slight_smile: I was again talking from the perspective of our platform, sorry. Our peer-review activities are not scored; they are pass or fail activities. If the rubric is filled out and constructive feedback was provided, it meets the requirement of the activity.

If uploading is possible, we can use our own customized rubric templates. ORA2 forces you to make the activity scored, and the scoring is done by peers; the problem with that is, nobody will have the same criteria in their head when scoring responses. That can be overriden by staff assessment, but that is not a feasible task when there are +300 submissions. The ideal feature for us would be to have the option to make ORA2 unscored, but still a compulsory activity for completing a course.

The current workaround we found for this, is to set all rubric options to a value of 1 point. Therefore whatever option the reviewer chooses, the score that the reviewed will get will stay the same, but the description in criteria options will still be informative, and provide points of improvement.

I’m not actually convinced this would be easier than just filling in the form – it’s basically a template too.

I thought this is what rubrics are for – to standardize grading criteria?

This actually sounds easier to implement and use than using file uploads for reviews.