Enahance work in groups

the teacher will be able to divide the class into groups and they can work on a project / task together, and then submit the task as a group

is this about peer-graded or SGA?

we tried working with cohort for this and google-docs/firepads: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10iCnaClaVqe_0WT0J4QjIsVc5tQAK83fMciSig3PN9w/edit#heading=h.n113mmhdntef (there you can see a cohort-specific content).

so this google doc/firepad can be then graded by the staff. as for peer-grading - we can also propose a work-around, it’s doable, yet a bit tricky

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shared assignment, not peer graded.
How do the students submit the assignment for the teacher to grade?

@yoavca For shared assignments, a potential good base for work would be the Group Project XBlock:

For historical reasons has dependencies on some of the custom APIs from the Solutions fork, but replacing/upstreaming these APIs would give you a very feature-rich XBlock for comparatively little work.

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they just do the work in the teacher-owned document. a teacher has full access. grading happens at deadline.

as i’ve told - it’s a bit cranky, but it’s working pretty well in the real world situations. (assuming there are reasonable amount of works to grade)

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