Discussion Forums: Follow all posts belonging to a course


Our instructors need to be able to follow the forums for courses they’re assigned to, including any new top-level posts and any new replies to threads, even if they’re not specifically following that thread.

Currently, Open edX’s discussion forums do not support this use case. The only way to receive updates about an existing thread is to subscribe to it, and it is not possible to receive updates about new threads.

At OpenCraft, we have been doing discovery around bringing support for following all posts belonging to a course to Open edX. The approach that we came up with has already been reviewed by edX. It is described here:

We are looking for interested community members who would like to help fund this project.

We also have a list of stories and estimates for the changes that this feature would require, which we can make available upon request.

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Cloudera would definitely be interested in this feature!