Diary / ePortoflio

Hi all, first of all thanks a lot for all the work that you’ve done.

I’ve been looking for some xblock to implement some kind of diary or eportfolio, reading here: https://opencraft.com/project-category/platform-contributions/
about the Diary XBlock, I think that we are looking for something like this, a xblock to let the students build a journal, like an e-portfolio, is this xblock open source (I didn’t find it), is commercial?

If anyone can help me with some information it will be really appreciated!

Thanks a lot for your time.

PS: I don’t reallly know if the xblock does what we need, as I don’t see any screenshot of it :wink:

Hi, Claudio!

This is something we’ve thought about a lot at HarvardX. There are a lot of off-platform options (GitHub for programmers, DeviantArt for visual artists, etc.) but not much in-platform.

If you want something specifically for journaling, draft-writing, etc., check out the links below. You can create a rich-text editor that stores its “files” so learners can retrieve them elsewhere in the same course.

Hi @Colin_Fredericks thanks a lot for your reply.

I was looking for the Diary xblock mentioned in the opencraft site :wink: But anyway the links that you share are also useful!

@Claudio_Acciaresi Sorry for the slow reply, I was away last week - the XBlock used for the diary is Problem Builder:

It has many other features, but look for the “free form answers” for inputing diary text, and “answer recaps” for displaying those answers in another place within the course.

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Thanks a lot for your reply, that is really good to know.