Customize due dates per cohort

In a blended learning environment, it’s common for students to be divided into sections that meet different on days and therefore have different deadlines. It would be convenient if there were an easy way to reflect this structure in open edX.

We’ve tried running two course simultaneously (“MW” course and “TTh” course) but that makes content management challenging. Content cohorts seem like they would work, but they require that content be duplicated for each cohort, which is essentially the same problem.

@pdpinch I’m assuming that you are aware of that feature :slight_smile: so I’m probably misunderstanding a part of your requirements, but wouldn’t that be something you could achieve using CCX courses?

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Indeed, there’s some overlap with CCX.

However, in this use case we’re not looking for delegation to a coach – the course should all be managed by the same instructor / course team. Perhaps if we addressed the “each coach gets one CCX” issue, this could be handled by CCX.

At least CCX has an interface for changing due dates.

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@pdpinch So Teacher / staff can manage 2 or more instances of same course right? Would that also require Allow Multiple Coaches per classroom instance ?

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Any updates?
We’re going to develop and use this feature in one of our openedx instance (on ficus), so if someone has already started work on it, we could join. If not, we will develop it independently.

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@martynov I don’t know of anyone who started working on this yet, but I think this has been discussed again in relation with CCX, ie as a way to provide CCX functionality without requiring an interface specific to CCX. CC @juliegoff @yoavca

@martynov Are you planning to contribute this feature upstream? If you haven’t done so already, in any case it might make sense to discuss this with edX too, before starting to code.

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@antoviaque Right now we discuss the product requirements inside our team, after that I’ll write a brief summary of what we want to develop in the dev channel in openedx slack.

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@antoviaque @martynov This would be great! Today we tell teachers with multiple sections to create multiple edX accounts with different email accounts. Poor user experience for sure :frowning:

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If it helps – here is the user journey map that I created for CCX (current state vs. possible future state). These are the steps that my team follows to issue a CCX instance to each classroom teacher.CCX User Journey- Current Future State.pdf (37.2 KB)

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@antoviaque @juliegoff @pdpinch

We are interested in contributing to OpenEdx. While most of the code is contained in this package, there are still some necessary changes in edx-platform to use it, especially in UI.
On the one hand, feature is already used in one of our minor OpenEdx projects in testing mode. On the other one it is still very raw and we would like to discuss it's improvement and integration with somebody from OpenEdx team.```
Google Group:!msg/edx-code/MyM5sV9HQxM/YjdmPFtNBQAJ
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@martynov Thanks for the note and links! And good job discussing this on the mailing list before starting, and even drafting a document for product/tech review. It doesn’t look like you had a review on this though, I don’t see comments from edX engineering or prod.

You might need to get an OSPR ticket to get the product/tech review prioritized by edX, your product doc might have fallen through the cracks.

@yoavca @Braden Is that part of the feature set we want to complete for Campus in the coming months? I see that we are planning to work on “Enable multiple CCX courses per instructor, and multiple instructors per CCX course” soon, so that might be enough to provide the functionality as per @pdpinch’s comment above. But if what @martynov is developing is interesting on its own as a feature, we could help them go through the process of getting that feature merged, for example by providing tech/architectural reviews.

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@antoviaque I don’t think that this overlaps with any of the work Campus wants. The only customization related to due dates on the Campus list is “Ensure that CCX Coach can select dates/times based on their own time zone (not UTC)”.

This Course Shift feature does sound awesome though, and it would be a way to implement @pdpinch’s original goal of being able to set different due dates per cohort.

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@antoviaque @braden @martynov @pdpinch @juliegoff:
From the analysis we did on the pros/cons between CCx and cohorts, we understood that we want less on cohorts and more on CCx.

In terms of our roadmap, we want to have the “multiple CCX courses per instructor” feature live 1 yr from now.
In terms of whether this will answer @pdpinch needs, we should ask him :slight_smile: @pdpinch?

I’d like to clarify current teacher’s experience with CourseShifts feature. There is additional tab at the instructor’s dashboard that allows to manage shift groups(which defines course ‘start date’) and to transfer students between them if necessary. Shift groups are somewhat orthogonal to the Cohorts and Content groups, students at the same cohort/content group but different shifts see the same content, but with modified release/due dates.
Currently we shift default problems and ORA, but we don’t shift any special exams.