Customizable Report builder

add a “report builder” in the LMS instructor dashboard data download section, that will offer he ability to choose specific fields representing learner’s activities and generate a customed report

This is something that we’ve been thinking about for awhile and would love to collaborate to get this built. I have a whole document outlining various reporting tools that we could use as a starting point.

That sounds like something that would go into Insights? There are already a bunch of reports available there, as well as downloading/export capabilities. Using the LMS to generate reports is being deprecated by edX.

@yoavca What are the specific information you are looking to be able to export?

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@antoviaque - all the analytics / dashboarding related features on Campus-il still needs to be designed and validated. this is a general request we got from our ministry of education, that wants to enable his teachers the flexibility to keep track on their metrics of choice.

at the moment, you can see my response to @miguel’s question on this post:

Like I’ve said there - I still don’t understand the need for a separate insights platform. I think that insights platform should deal with organization level analytics (i.e aggregated analytics for multiple courses). IMHO course analytics should be displayed to the teacher in the LMS next to the instructor tab.

@yoavca Yup, I think my reply there covered this too - cf Per Cohort Learners dashboard

I believe the is to eventually regroup all theese information & reports, currently spread between different places/services, in one place. @ Marcoatedx I think you were the one who mentioned this, right? If I got any of this wrong, don’t hesitate to correct me : )

But how/where the reports are accessed by the instructors is not necessarily related to where (which service) the feature should be developed in, technically - nowadays reports are meant to be added to the analytics pipeline, which has the tooling to process data reports, and which the LMS is not well suited for. New reports would likely not be accepted upstream if developed within the LMS. When the instructor dashboard is consolidated, it would then likely fetch the reports from the analytics pipeline, without requiring to go to a separate site/Insights.


@yoavca One of the most flexible and rapid backends for indexing, searching and reporting data is ElasticSearch, which is the backend used by the Analytics API, which drives the per-Learner Insights screens. ES lets you filter on anything and do keyword searches, and it does it very quickly. Thus, the Learner Analytics API lets you specify which courses and cohorts you want data for, which fields you want to report on, and which format you want your data in (currently CSV or JSON), so that an intelligent front-end can generate reports on the fly, and easily take that data and represent it how your Course Instructors need to see it.

MySQL isn’t suited to this, it’s optimised for maintaining relationships between datasets (user + course => enrollment, enrollment + problems => submissions, …). And mongo is suited to blobs of document data, but it’s not designed for searching.

So there’s a good reason to run the analytics pipeline, and let it digest the learner data into ElasticSearch :slight_smile:

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