Audio record module

record and playback audio module

At the lightning talks about video in Open edX, the folks at Teltek showed a video XBlock they built which features video recording.

It probably wouldn’t be too hard to modify this to only record audio, instead of both audio and video.

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@mrey ? maybe you can elaborate more?


Hi everyone,

Sorry I haven’t read this post before. The PuMuKIT2 Opencast Video XBlock is connected with PuMuKIT2, an Open Source Video Platform we develop at TELTEK. So the video recording is actually being done at PuMuKIT2, not at the XBlock. The XBlock just integrates this feature into Open edX.

In PuMuKIT2 it is possible to upload audio files, so I guess it would also be possible to record only audio and then integrate this feature into Open edX with the XBlock. If this solution fits in what you need, I will talk with my supervisors and let’s see what we can do.

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@yoavca Would that cover your use case, or not? If so I’ll move this thread to “what do we have?”.

@mrey thank you so much for the detailed answer!
@antoviaque indeed!

and thanks @Natea for sharing!

@yoavca Perfect - moved!