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Hi @johnbaldwin, absolutely, and thanks for the heads up!

adding @anna to the thread

@smarnach I replied to your comments. Thanks again! I’m really interested in getting feedback, especially identifying problems areas so we can address those up front. Running scheduled jobs in a way that minimizes custom configuration or modification of edx/configuration or edx/edx-platform is one of the goals

Hi Guys -
I am really glad that (finally) we’ve joined this group…
Today, we are deploying our solution for real-time processing of xAPI events (@Nimisha_Asthagiri let us know if you need help there).
We want it to support in scale and I hope the architecture we had in mind will support the huge traffic we get form the learners in Israel.

If anyone need specific help with real-time processing, I would love to help and share more from our experiences… (it sounds for me that it is too much for a post here :slight_smile: )

Roi Shillo, CTO
The Center of Education Technology.