Add/assign courses to a learner's learning track

example - when a new employee is being added to the platform, his manager can assign a group of courses to him. he will also be able to assign multiple courses to multiple new employees. this will require creating a hierarchy of user groups within the LMS

my opinion here is that this should be kept separate from LMS.

we tend to create HRM/AD<->LMS integrations and use enrolment API to assign a user to courses based on the domain role.

i don’t feel that we need to bloat LMS with non-lms functions.

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makes sense @cotoha
Have you implemented such integrations?

@yoavca FYI, I believe some of this is might be on the roadmap of the enterprise developments - it might be worth looking into that more and/or contribute to it. I’ll see if someone involved in the enterprise work on our side can come to comment on this.

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yeah, we did, but they are all customer-specific for now.

The new Open edX Enterprise features include some of this functionality - you can group users by “Client/Company/Customer”, and can enroll multiple users into multiple courses using a new tool in the django admin. It’s not really meant to be used for internal departments as in your suggestion here, but it does include similar functionality. Also, it’s just built using the enrollment API that @cotoha mentions, plus the Enterprise Customer grouping.


@eran @WeissA FYI, will be useful when doing gov employee courses