What Do We Need?

Make it easier to add static files in Studio (2)
Make CCX work with ORA (1)
Problem Builder (1)
Active Table & Graph (1)
I18N classroom/blended learning solution (1)
CCx Schedule Timezone Improvements (1)
Discussion Forums - Allow CCX Coach to enable or disable discussion forums per CCX instance (1)
Add support for classroom teachers view Insights on the leaners (1)
Customize week start day in the platform (1)
Unsupported browser alert (1)
Make the internal open edX text editor usable in RTL languages (1)
Course catalog arragement (1)
Per organization analytics (1)
Show learners city distribution on insights (1)
Email specific students / groups of students (1)
Course automatic annoucnments (1)
Automail post discussion boards (1)
Allow Multiple Coaches per classroom instance (1)
Have the option to replace "course number" in "course name" in a couple of places (1)
Learner notebook (1)
Instant messsaging integration (1)
Learners file upload (1)
Personal learner's progress dashboard (1)
In course badges (1)
Add additional classroom related metrics to insights (1)
Allowing classroom teachers to edit local courses (1)
Text analysis module (1)
"editable" registration fields on sign-up to platform and course (1)
Course visibilty according to your user group (1)
Imporve LMS Navigation (1)